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Angle to Pitch Conversion

Convert an angle in degrees to a roof pitch of rise in 12 inches.

More common to get the angle of a 5 /12 roof pitch to cut your rafters or tails on the trusses. But since we can do it, why not do it.

You can convert using your calculator by entering the angle and then pushing the tan function button. Multiply the result by 12, and you have the rise in 12 from the roof slope in degrees.

Angle of the roof = 22.565°
Tan ( 22.656) = 0.417407 * 12 = 5.00888
22.565° = 5 /12
Your calculator set for degrees.
Angle to Pitch

Angle to Pitch

Roof Angle °


Pitch /12
Pitch /12


  1. enter the slope in degrees


  1. the roof pitch in a rise of 12 in decimal format
  2. the pitch in inch plus a fraction
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