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Dimensional Change and Volumetric Shrinkage Coefficient

This calculator will calculate a dimensional change coefficient based on the total radial and tangential shrinkage percentages with a result based on starting moisture content to final moisture content.

Long Leaf Pine (Pinus palustris)
Tot. Radial Shr = 5.1%
Tot. Tangential Shr = 7.5%
Tot. Volumetric Shr = 12.2%
FSP = 25.5%
Starting moisture content = 15%
Final moisture content = 12 %

Result for radial = 0.00600
Result for tangential = 0.00882

In addition to this it calculates the Volumetric shrinkage coefficient for a 1% change of moisture content below the fiber saturation point of the wood species.

Dimensional Change and Volumetric Shrinkage Coefficient

Tangential Shrinkage %
Radial Shrinkage %
Volumetric Shrinkage %
Moisture Start %
Moisture Finish %
Fiber Saturation Point %


Tangential DC Coef. #
Radial DC Coef. #
Volumetric Shrinkage Coefficient per 1 % MC
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