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Pipe Surface Area from Diameter - Decimal Inch

Pipe Inner and Outer Surface Area

Pipes have an inner and an outer surface area. Calculate the outer surface area by entering the outer diameter. If you need to know the inner surface area, use the inner diameter.

This calculator uses inches for diameter measurement and feet for the pipe(s) length.

Pipe Surface Area - Decimal Inch

The Diameter of the Pipe in
The Length of the Pipe ft
Decimal Precision #


In Inches in
In Millimetres mm
Surface Area
In Square Inches in²
In Square Feet ft²
In Square Centimetres cm²
In Square Metres


  1. enter the diameter of the pipe in inches
  2. the length of the pipe(s) in feet
  3. decimal precision, the number of digits after the decimal point
The pipe's circumference and surface area are either inner or outer results depending on which diameter measurement, the inner or outer, you used!!


  1. the circumference of the pipe in inches
  2. the circumference of the pipe in millimetres
  3. the surface area of the pipe in square inches
  4. the surface area in square feet
  5. the surface area in square centimetres
  6. the surface area in square metres

Surface Area
S = D*π*L
where S is the surface area in square units
D the pipe's diameter
π = 3.14159265
L the length of the pipe
one inch (in) = 25.4 millimetres (mm)
one square inch (in²) = 0.00694444444444443 square feet (ft²)
one square inch (in²)= 6.4516 square centimetres (cm²)
one square inch (in²) = 0.00064516 square metres (m²)

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