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Rectangle Grain Bin Volume and Capacity

Calculate the volume in cubic feet and the capacity in bushels for a rectangle-shaped grain bin.

Rectangle Grain Bin
V= W*L*H
PV= W*L*PH/2 = PV
where V is the volume
W the width of the bin
L the bin length
PH is the peak height
PV is the volume of the peak
One US bushel (bu US) = 1.244456 cubic feet (ft³)
One Imperial bushel (bu Imperial) = 1.284349 cubic feet (ft³)

Rectangle Grain Bin

Bin Width ft
Bin Length ft
Bin Side Wall Height ft
Roof Slope 12


Peak Height ft
Peak Volume ft³
Bin Volume ft³
Total Volume ft³
Capacity in US Bushels bu US
Capacity in Imperial Bushels bu Imp


  1. enter the width of the bin
  2. the length
  3. the height of the sidewall
  4. the pitch of the roof (preset @ 6:12)


  1. the peak height
  2. the volume of the peak area
  3. the volume of the bin (floor to sidewall height)
  4. total volume
  5. capacity in US bushels
  6. capacity in Imperial bushels
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