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Rafter Lengths, Hip and Common

Hip Rafter Length Calculator

Calculate the length of a common rafter, and the length of a hip rafter based on the common rafter length.

Hip Rafter Length

Building Width ft in n
Overhangin n
Ridgeboard Thickness in n
Roof Pitch: 12


Common Rafter Length ft in
Common Rafter Length in Inches in
Hip Rafter Length ft in
Hip Rafter Length in Inchesin


  1. building width in feet and inches (outside sheating to outside sheating)
  2. overhang in inches (from outside sheating to sub-fascia)
  3. ridge board thickness in inches
  4. slope ratio, amount of rise per foot of run in inches


  1. common rafter length
  2. common rafter length in inches
  3. hip rafter length
  4. hip rafter length in inches
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