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Rafter Length - Metric Calculator

Rafter Length From Roof Slope in Degrees using Metric Measurement.

Calculate the length of a rafter in metres using the roof slope measured in degrees and the gable wall width in metres. If there is an overhang, the rafter overhang is measured in millimetres from outside wall to inside fascia board - level across.

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Rafter Length - Metric

Wall Length m
Roof Slope °
Overhang mm


Roof Pitch :12
Slope Factor #
Hip and Valley Factor #
Rafter Length in Metres m
Rafter Length In Millimetres mm


  1. wall length in metres
  2. angle of the roof
  3. rafter overhang in millimetres


  1. roof pitch
  2. slope factor
  3. hip and valley factor
  4. length of rafter in metres
  5. length of rafter in millimetres

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