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Stringer Length Calculator

Calculate the length of a stringer from total rise, number of risers and known run.

Total Rise ftin n
Number of Risers#
Run in n


Total Rise in Inches in
Height of Riser in
Total Run ft in
Stringer Length ft in

The Calculation

  1. enter total rise in feet inches and fraction of an inch
  2. enter the run in inches and fraction of an inch
  3. enter the number of risers you wish to calculate for

The Results

  1. total rise converted to inches
  2. the height of one riser
  3. total run of stairs
  4. the length of the stringer

Note: after you enter the total rise and the run measurements try different values for number of risers till you get a riser result that you are happy with. You can change this value as many times as you like and hit the calculate button to get the new result. If you hit the reset button, it will clear all values and you will have to start all over again.

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