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Estimating the Square Footage of an Odd Shaped Pool

Calculate pool square footage from pool volume and average depth.

If you can calculate pool volume from square footage and average depth of the pool then you can get a good estimate for square footage of the pool from pool volume and average depth.

There may be some pool owners that don't know the square footage of their pool but most of them should know the volume of the pool. Some of the pool shapes make it hard to measure the square footage but using this calculator should help getting a decent estimate of the square footage of your pool.

Gallons Needed to Fill Pool gal
Average Pool Depth ft


Surface Square Footage of Pool ft²


  1. Enter the gallons (US liquid) of water it takes to fill your pool
  2. Determine average depth of pool (measure multiple spots. Add all of measurements together and divide by the amount of measurements take to get a good average depth)


  1. Estimated surface area of your pool in square feet.
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