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Concrete Slab - Rectangular Shaped Pool Imperial Measurements

Calculate the amount of concrete needed to pour a slab around a square/rectangular shaped pool using imperial measurements.

Includes the square footage of the area to be finished which can be used to estimate different materials and the perimeter of the outer area for fencing material estimating.

Concrete Slab - Rectangular Shaped Pool

Patio - Rectangle or Square Pool

Overall Length ft
Overall Width ft
Length of Pool ft
Width of Pool ft
Required Slab Depth inch


Square Footage of Pool ft²
Square Footage of Patio Area ft²
Outer Perimeter lin ft
Concrete Needed in Yards yd³
Concrete Needed in Metres


  1. the overall area length (length A in feet)
  2. the overall area width (length B in feet)
  3. length of pool (length C in feet)
  4. width of pool (length D in feet)
  5. depth of concrete slab (inches)


  1. square footage of the pool
  2. square footage of the finished area around the pool
  3. perimeter of outer area (lineal feet)
  4. concrete needed in cubic yards
  5. concrete needed in cubic metres
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