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Estimate the number of truck loads it takes to remove excavated material off site for a square/rectangular shaped pool.

Square/Rectangular Shaped Pool Calculator
Length of Area ft
Width of Area ft
Depth Shallow End ft
Depth Deep End ft
Material Swell/Bulking % %
Truck Load Capacity yd³


Excavation Volume Cubic Feet ft³
Excavation Volume Cubic Yards yd³
Volume of Loose Material in Cubic Yards yd³
# of Truck Loads #

The Calculation

  1. length of pool (feet)
  2. width of pool (feet)
  3. depth of pool, shallow end (feet)
  4. depth of pool, deep end (feet)
  5. swell/bulking % of excavated material ( percentage)
  6. truck load capacity (cubic yards)


  1. volume of excavation in cubic feet
  2. volume of excavation in cubic yards
  3. volume of excavated material including swell/bulking factor in cubic yards
  4. number of truck loads it takes to remove the material
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