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Calculate the cost of gas.

The calculation is based on average miles per gallon, distance, and the cost of one gallon of gas. It includes a destination distance, and in case you take a different road back, the return distance. In case there is a price diffrence, an option field to add the price for one gallon of gas to calculate the cost nof the return trip. If your trip takes multiple fill-ups, you will have to calculate the average cost you pay for a gallon of gas.

The average miles per gallon is 23
The price of one gallon of gas at the start of the trip is $3.34
The distance to your destination is 248.5 miles
The return trip distance is 248.5 miles
The price of one gallon of gas at the start location of your return trip is $4.11

Calculate the amount of gas needed for the way trip;
248.5 ÷ 23 = 10.8 
It takes 10.8 gallons of gas to get to your destination.

Calculate the cost of gas for the way trip;
3.34 * 10.8 = $36.07
The first leg of your trip will cost $36.07 on gas.

The return trip is the same distance and uses the same fuel amount, but the gas price differs. Calculate the cost of the gas needed for the return trip;
4.11 * 10.8 = $44.39
The return trip will cost $44.39 on gas.
The total trip cost in fuel is; 36.07 + 44.39 = $80.46

Fuel Ecomomy; Gas Trip Calculator

Average Miles per Gallon mi/gal US
Price per Gallon of Gas $/gal US
Distance to Destination mi
Return Trip Distance mi
Price per Gallon of Gas for Return $/gal US


Number of Gallons Home to Destination gal US
Gas Cost, Home to Destination $
Return Trip Number of Gallons gal US
Return Trip Gas Cost $
Total Trip Fuel Cost $


  1. your car's average miles per gallon
  2. the average price of one gallon of gas
  3. travel distance to the destination
  4. return trip distance
  5. the average price of one gallon of gas for the return trip


  1. amount of gas it takes to get to your destination
  2. cost of fuel for this part
  3. amount of gas for the return trip
  4. cost of fuel for the return part of your trip
  5. your total gas cost
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