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Specific Gravity of Australian Trees

List with the basic specific gravity values of trees found in Australia. The list can be searched by common or binomial name.

basic specific gravity =  green volume and oven-dry weight

Common NameBinomialBasic Specific GravityRegion
Alpine Ash / StringybarkEucalyptus delegatensis0.548599333Australia
Ash, Silvertop / Black / MountainEucalyptus sieberi0.703965667Australia
Australian Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys0.86961Australia
Blackbutt / Pink BlackbuttEucalyptus pilularis0.733194667Australia
Box, Coast Grey / Bosisto's-Box / Gippsland Grey-BoxEucalyptus bosistoana0.921344667Australia
Box, Grey / Brown / Gum-Topped BoxEucalyptus moluccana 0.936621333Australia
Box, Red / Red Box EucalyptusEucalyptus polyanthemos0.883978Australia
Box, White / WhiteboxEucalyptus albens0.932261Australia
Box, Yellow / Honey / Yellow IronEucalyptus melliodora0.909828667Australia
Brigalow / Spearwood Acacia harpophylla0.883580333Australia
Bunya pineAraucaria bidwillii0.3929968Australia
Caloon Elaeocarpus ruminatus0.48Australia
Canary Ash / Yellow NutBeilschmiedia bancroftii0.55104Australia
Gum, Forest Red / Queensland Blue / Mountain / Bastard-BoxEucalyptus tereticornis 0.82656Australia
Gum, Grey / Grey IrongumEucalyptus punctata0.908355Australia
Gum, Manna / Ribbon / Rough-Bark Manna / WhiteEucalyptus viminalis0.613389333Australia
Gum, River Red / Murray Red / Long-Beak EucalyptusEucalyptus camaldulensis0.786093Australia
Gum, Spotted Eucalyptus maculata0.84Australia
Gum, Sydney Blue / Saligna Eucalyptus Eucalyptus saligna0.6788648Australia
Ironbark, Narrowleaf Red / Grey / WhiteEucalyptus crebra0.94Australia
Ironbark, Broadleaved Red Eucalyptus fibrosa0.96432Australia
Ironbark, Grey Eucalyptus paniculata 0.921353667Australia
Ironbark, Red / Black / Mugga / Three-Fruit RedEucalyptus sideroxylon0.911235333Australia
Jarrah Eucalyptus marginata0.70602Australia
Karri / Karri GumEucalyptus diversicolor0.7744695Australia
Mahogany, Red / Red StringybarkEucalyptus resinifera0.802986Australia
Mahogany, WhiteEucalyptus acmenioides0.86961Australia
Maiden's Blush Sloanea australis0.472819667Australia
Moreton Bay Bean / Moreton Bay Chestnut / BeantreeCastanospermum australe0.63Australia
Peppermint, Black Eucalyptus amygdalina0.611854Australia
Pine radiata / Guadalupe IslandPinus radiata0.39Australia
Queensland Maple Flindersia brayleyana0.47Australia
Red BloodwoodCorymbia gummifera0.86961Australia
Satinay Syncarpia hillii0.6801312Australia
Small-Fruited Grey Gum / Gum, Grey Eucalyptus propinqua0.876395Australia
Stringybark, Small-Leaved / Thin-Leaved / Wilkinson'SEucalyptus eugenioides 0.7187072Australia
Turpentine Tree Syncarpia glomulifera 0.7Australia
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