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Concrete Calculator For Columns - Imperial

Calculate the amount of concrete needed for pouring columns with results in cubic feet, yards and metres of concrete

To calculate the volume of a column (cylinder) you need to know the diameter and the height of the column.

Concrete Calculator For Columns

Formula's used:

V = Π * D² ÷ 4 * h
where V = concrete volume in cubic feet
pi = 3.14159......
d = diameter
h = height

Example calculation:
column height= 4'- 6" 
diameter = 10"
needed = 5 of these size columns
4'- 6"  convert this amount into inches = 4 * 12 + 6 = 54 inches
3.14159  * 10² ÷ 4  * 54 * 0.000578703703703704 * 5 = 12.27 cubic feet of concrete
To convert cubic feet to cubic yards multiply cubic feet * 0.037037037037037
To convert cubic feet to cubic metres multiply cubic feet * 0.028316846592
To convert cubic yards to cubic metres multiply cubic yards * 0.764554857984

Columns Concrete Volume - Imperial

Number of Columns #
Diameter in
Column Height ft in
Lineal Length of Tube lin/ft
Amount of Concrete Needed in:
Cubic Feet ft ³
Cubic Yards yd ³
Cubic Metres


  1. number of columns needed
  2. column's diameter
  3. the height of the column in feet and inches


  1. tubing in lineal feet needed for all calculated columns
  2. the amount of concrete needed in cubic feet
  3. concrete needed in cubic yards
  4. concrete needed in cubic metres

When Ordering Concrete

This concrete calculator will help you in estimating the amount of concrete needed for your project. The amount given as needed, does not include any waste. It is recommended, depending on the job you are doing, to add anywhere from an extra 4% to 10% to your concrete order to make sure you have enough concrete to finish the job. Ask when ordering the concrete. They will be able to give you a good idea of what is needed.

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